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jameelah's Journal

I have 6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons. We are homeschooling and loving it.

I care about the environment and also what we use and eat. I prefer natural remedies over OTC drugs. I like to make as much as possible myself which includes things like yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, bread, and many more as well as non-food items such as deodorant and washing powder.

I believe strongly in the way I do things because I put a lot of research and thought into things before making decisions. However, I don't expect others to follow the same as me and have no problems with people making their own decisions even if they are the complete opposite to me. I may suggest something, so one has the ability to make an informed decision, but that's it.

I came across Islam in 2002 and decided after reading and researching that it was true. Islam - that is the religion that was brought by all the prophets including Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad - is very different to how it is portrayed. Unfortunately, many Muslims these days don't follow Islam correctly in a lot of aspects which adds to this bad portrayal. Terrorism is forbidden in Islam, as only one example.

My children: